Friday, June 01, 2007

Monthly update

AGE She'll be 10 months on Tuesday

WEIGHT/SIZE OF CLOTHES Don't know about weight. Most of her clothes now are 9-12 months, though she still just fits some of her 6-9 months clothes and her shoes are actually 0-6 months, though will probably need the 6-12 months soon.

NAPPIES Size 4 Huggies Little Walkers

FEED Breastfeeds = 6 per day (rough times = midnight, 5am, 7am, 12noon, 5pm, 9pm); very occasionally more during the night, if she's having a bad night. When she had her cold, which is almost gone now, she was having more, roughly every couple of hours, even during the night. We assumed the cold was the reason, although she has been eating a lot more solids the last couple of days, so perhaps it was a growth spurt instead.

Breakfast = half a banana, some fridge fruit or fresh fruit; crumpet with Philadelphia. If we're having breakfast out, she'll have some fruit and a croissant or something similar.

Lunch = toast and Philadelphia or pate of some kind; fruit; sometimes left-over vegetables or dinner food; sometimes a cheese sandwich or cheese on toast. If we're out, then a bit of what one or both of us is having (e.g. had some nachos the other day - though not the chillis!).

Dinner = Whatever I am having and sometimes some of what Chris is having, if he's having something different (e.g. a fish finger, some bolognese, some sausage, some ham, etc.). She loved having spaghetti recently. She often has either steamed vegetables or roasted vegetables. She enjoyed cucumber and cherry tomatoes recently as well. I accidentally bought some pureed vegetable/fruit mixtures from the health food shop (thought they were juices) and she enjoyed those - even being spoon fed them! She seems to be eating more at the moment, though we don't know if that's building herself up after her cold or that she's had a growth spurt or she's just about to get a tooth or maybe that she's just ready for solid food to be her main nutrition now (she's only a couple of months away from a year old, after all). There's a lot less food going on the floor, that's for sure, which I'm sure Wesley finds upsetting.

SLEEP Tends to sleep from about 9pm through to about midnight (sometime 1am/2am), when she wakes for a feed, then goes back to sleep until 4am/5am, when she wakes for another feed and then sleeps through to 6am/7am, wakes for another feed then goes back to sleep for a bit (sometimes just half an hour, sometimes a couple of hours) when she wakes up properly and plays with her cot toys for a bit. She usually has a nap in the morning and sometimes one in the afternoon and often one in the early evening. These can all vary from 15 minutes to 2 hours and there doesn't seem to be any consistency in when/why they vary (that I can tell, anyway!).

MOBILITY She can run holding on to us. She can just about walk holding on to us by one hand. She's climbing over things and standing on tiptoes. She can stand for a brief moment without holding on to anything, but quickly falls on her bum. She's recently worked out that she can shuffle backwards on her bum, using her toes to manoeuvre herself. She watches her toes with great concentration while she's doing it as well. My prediction that she'd be walking by the end of May was wrong. So I'll up it to the end of June, now. Definitely before her first birthday, I would think.

LIKES & DISLIKES She likes so much. She's such a happy baby. She squeals with delight at lots of things (especially seeing her daddy, granny and her mummy if she hasn't seen me for a while). The gurgles away to herself and sits reading books (looking in them, turning the pages and gurgling) or chatting to her cuddly toys. She wants to be out and walking/running around as much as possible, and doesn't like stopping in the buggy for long or being carried around. She loves going outside. She's quite impatient when waiting for food. She dislikes having her face wiped after eating. She doesn't like being tired in a car seat still, as we discovered at the weekend. She was fine on the way to the bird park, but coming back she screamed and screamed.

(I really hate that. There are no situations where she is left to scream for that long and there is no way that she can understand that it's the law (and for her own safety, of course) and so I can't get her out and comfort her. On public transport, she can move about and have a cuddle and/or a feed. In a car/Em's bus, she's stuck. If she went in a car seat more often, then presumably she'd be used to it and it wouldn't bother her. Or she'd understand that it's OK to fall asleep in the seat. But this was the first time she'd been in one since Christmas, when she also screamed and screamed. And people think we should have a car?! I don't think so.)

FAV TOYS What she likes a lot at the moment is pulling things out of boxes or off shelves. She loves her V-Tech walker, though not walking with it yet as it goes too fast on our floorboards. She loves standing at it and pushing all the buttons and she's worked out which bit makes it play music and she stands there dancing to the music. Since we've got a TV downstairs again, she's taken to playing with the buttons on the front of it, so she'll change the volume or channel numerous times and giggle profusely. The simplest things can amuse her still - a camera film holder that rolls along the floor, a Christmas bauble that bounces and spins, a piece of paper that crinkles. The dogs bowls seem to be very interesting to her at the moment and she frequently sets off at a super-speed crawl from the living room to the dining room straight for his bowls. It's possible that if she was actually allowed to play with them, they'd lose interest, of course!

FAV BOOKS She's just taken back her favourite to the library, though she'd started to get bored with it, I think. It was 'Where's Maisy?' and had flaps to open on each page, but the last page had a door (behind which was Maisy - sorry to spoil the surprise for you!) and she would knock knock on the book, because it says 'Knock knock'. She still loves her Dogs book that lives in her cot. There's an alphabet book which has plastic sliding doors behind which hide pictures. She's likes openeing and shutting doors. She loves having her bedtime stories and her granny reading to her (her granny's very good at doing silly voices and sounds), and generally she enjoys having a bit of quiet time reading (either with us or on her own) a few times a day.

FAV TV PROGRAMMES She still doesn't watch TV, though see above about changing the volume and the channel. She does now like walking up to the TV and patting it and sometimes squealing at some of the people on it.

NEW TRICK LEARNT THIS MONTH Waving hello and goodbye. Pointing with one finger. Bum shuffling. Standing still without holding on to anything.

SPEECH She says dog, duck, dada, good, up, hiya, bath and yeah. Duck is the one she says the most and the one that clearly does mean what it says.

She met her brand new cousin Rupert on Monday. She's now no longer the youngest on either side of the family. Although she is still the youngest girl on both sides. She was very taken with Rupert, although she had a cold so couldn't go too near him. Hopefully they'll be able to grow up being good friends, as they're close in age.