Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I don't know, either

Rosemary was sitting in the living room eating her breakfast the other morning and Batman (think it was Batman - could have been some other cartoon) was on the on the TV. The following impressed us:

Chris: Why does the red-headed girl call the other red-headed girl 'Red'? Why doesn't anyone call her 'Red'?
Tasha: I don't know.
Rosemary: I don't know, either.

We were impressed both that she was listening to our conversation and also with the correct use of the word 'either'. I wonder how long we will be marvelling at her linguistic development? Presumably we'll stop at some point.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ducks, lakes and trikes

Rosemary's favourite thing to make with the playdough that came in the big red box Eva made for her birthday (for those who don't know, the big red box is a huge collection of art and craft things - paper, glue, feathers, foam shapes, stickers, paints, crayons, pencils, etc. etc. and playdough) is a lake and a duck to go on it. Below are her attempt and mine.

This is the first time she's really made them both independently. First time Chris suggested that she could make a lake for the duck he had made. A number of times she asked for me to make a duck and then she said she would make a lake for the duck. This time she again asked for a duck to be made, but while I was busy doing that (after being castigated for not putting a head on the duck - I thought it had a head!), she made her own lake and her own duck.

The other two photos are also birthday related in that she's riding her trike (her 'big' present from me and Chris) in the park. This generally involves treating it a bit like a buggy and being pushed all the way to the park and maybe a little bit in the park and then saying 'I want to get out,' and going off to play on the slide as usual.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Driving in my car!

Rosemary was showing how imaginative she is getting this evening, so I grabbed my phone and took some photos and a bit of video. She's basically made the suitcase into her car. She straps herself in using the strap and takes her dolls and teddies for drives in it. (If you turn the volume on the video up enough to hear what she's saying, unfortunately it sounds as though I've just run a marathon and when I talk it's really loud.)

Anyway, enjoy.

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