Friday, March 30, 2007

What they don't tell you (Part LXIV)

Amongst other things, they don't tell you that the milestones are no such thing. It's not a case of not crawling one day, crawling the next. It's a gradual process involving rolling, pulling along, throwing oneself about - there is no one point where you can simply say "Aha! She is crawling where she didn't before!"

That said, this video is probably as close to evidence of beginning to crawl as you're likely to get.

Tomorrow - why it's not a notooth/tooth situation.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The latest from the world of bouncing

First, we have a couple of photos only recently uploaded



and a piece of video demonstrating, I hope, how much more mobile she is. Well, mobile when strapped into a bouncing device. You should probably watch this one with the sound off.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Monthly update

Copied and pasted the following from a babyworld post, as I thought it would interest some of you:

AGE 7 months tomorrow (weeks = no idea!)

WEIGHT/SIZE OF CLOTHES weight = no idea; clothes = some 3-6 months, but many 6-9 months now

NAPPIES size 4 Pampers

FEED BLW = fair bit of breastfeeding still, usually 1 big bf c. 7am, 1 big bf c. 9.30am, breakfast (fruit, crumpets, toast, sometimes night before's steamed or roasted veg) c. 10.30am, 1 smal bf c. 11am, 1 big bf c. 1pm, lunch (toast, fruit/veg, or whatever I'm having, within reason) c. 2.30 pm, 1 small bf c. 3pm, 1 big bf c. 5pm, 1 small bf c. 7pm, dinner (whatever we're having - usually steamed or roasted sticks of vegetable of some kind and main course, such as cheesy pasta, tortilla, stuffed pancake... whatever) c. 7.30pm, 1 small bf c. 8.30pm, 1 big bf c. 10pm. Teething biscuits as snacks during the day, especially while she waits for me/Chris to prepare some food, while in her high-chair!

SLEEP In her own room and big cot now! Tends to sleep from between 10pm and 11pm through to between 6am and 7am, then usually goes back for a couple of hours after about 15-20min breastfeed. Tends to have a nap around 11am, for anything between 30mins and 2 hours. Tends to have another nap in the afternoon, while in her buggy. Sometimes she'll stay awake when we get home and sometimes she'll wake up for a while and have a small nap an hour or so later. Ocassionally has another small nap before dinner.

MOBILITY Very mobile, even though not yet actually crawling. Rolls about all over the place, pushes herself backwards when lying on her back - especially on the changing mat (thank goodness we don't have a high-up changing station!). Sits up unaided, though will topple over frequently still. Has pulled herself forward on her tummy a few times, though not quite actually crawling. Can hold herself up when standing for a while, though not pulling herself up yet. I think she's going to be running around any minute now.

LIKES Action rhymes (Row Row Row Your Boat, The Grand Old Duke of York, Horsie Horsie, Ride a Cock Horse, Five Little Ducks), books (especially touchy feely ones, at the moment - but generally likes looking at the pictures now, not just eating them!), baths, her new buggy mobile thing, the Winnie the Pooh musical mobile above her cot, me saying 'moo', me singing 'Bee-Bop-A-Lula' (or however you spell it), her shape sorters (both of which play tunes, which is the part she likes the most), her Jemima doll (raggedy-Ann style doll), especially when her dad makes it fly quickly towards her, dancing, people smiling at her, crumpets, mango, Philadelphia.

DISLIKES Pineapple, me coughing (especially I'm holding her), getting her last few clothes put on in the morning, sitting in queues in shops if she's trying to get to sleep.

FAV TV PROGRAMME Likes adverts a lot, as they're of a good time span for her, and they tend to have music and bright colours. Likes the baby channel, though doesn't get to watch it too often. Still likes close-ups of people talking to the screen.

NEW TRICK LEARNT THIS MONTH Sitting up, sleeping in her own room, falling asleep on her daddy (though only done that once; she is still predominantly nursed to sleep, except when she falls asleep in her buggy when out and about), eating solid food.

SPEECH Making lots of different sounds. Especially likes doing a high-pitched squeal, which my friend describes as her 'rape alarm sound'. She also likes growling (perhaps learnt from the dog?). She makes M sounds particularly when tired and has also got into making P sounds and recently D sounds. She's been making B sounds for a while now, and a bunch of different vowel sounds. Occasionally she looks like she's really straining to actually say something (especially when 'talking' to her toys).