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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pictures and physical development

Sitting in the living room with daddy

Sitting on the floor with mummy

'Look no hands!'

'And now I'll play with my rattle, I think'

'I'll be crawling soon!'

'Or maybe I'll walk instead.'

See all the photos uploaded this morning and taken yesterday.

Physical development

As you can see, Rosemary is close to sitting up completely unsupported. She's correcting herself when she topples a bit in any direction and can easily pull herself back up from leaning forward. She can also pull herself up using my legs from an almost horizontal position.

She's very strong on her feet, and likes standing up with our help. She'll quite often pull herself straight into a standing position when presented with our hands.

She's much happier to spend some time on her tummy, and will do a fair bit of exploring in that position if there's something of interest. She also knows how to roll onto her back and will do so if she gets bothered. She's moved around while on her tummy to reach different things, though not yet moved forward or backward.

(Sorry for the monotone post - Chris is the witty one in this family; for the moment at least.)