Saturday, August 18, 2007

Beside the seaside

Tasha, Rosemary, myself, Brian and Eva all went to Weston Super Mare last Friday, to give Rosemary her first taste of the sea, and also her first taste of price gouging and general tackiness.

Run VT.

This was taken when we more or less first got there. It was shortly before the time she normally naps in the morning, so it was a pretty quick dip. But she seemed to enjoy it.

After this we strolled along the front, then strolled along the back trying to find someplace that could offer vegetarian food while the weather alternated between sunny and rain, but windy, always windy.

Then, later, after lunch, having purchased swimming nappies and got the suit ready - and the sun returning - we went back. But, alas, the water had run away and hidden behind the horizon. So she mostly got muddy. Again she seemed to enjoy at first but as she got colder she began to hate it, loudly, and it took muchos cuddleos to put her right once dry.

After this we wandered down the pier and back and then went home.