Thursday, February 04, 2010

O My Best Beloveds

I have a long list of books I want to read to Rosemary and Eleanor, or have them read themselves. And I get a little impatient. So I was very happy to be able to semi-cross one off the other night, one that I've tried a couple of times already, when we went through The Cat Who Walked By Himself. Slightly cut-down version, but they kept some of the language. All places are alike to him. Not 'He can go wherever he jolly well wants'.

There's a response you get when reading something truly poetic to a child. They go very quiet as it works on them. They're no longer just wanting the story. The pictures disappear to them, because now the pictures in their head are better. Something deep within them is moved.

So it was nice.


More than Just a Mother said...

That's nice. My three year old boy has recently started to really enjoy being read to (as opposed to 'reading' a book together) and his book of choice at the moment is Wind in the Willows. It's the original version, full of description and words that (honestly) I don't understand myself... But he really really loves it, and we've been reading a few pages each night, then talking about what might happen next. A love of books is a great gift to pass on to a child.

Chris said...

Wind in the Willows, eh? In my plann that's far in the future, especially since even I haven't figured out what Piper at the Gates of Dawn is. I have been trying to get her used to reading stories a bit at a time. Not working so far.